Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Hyper Bowl

I found a site yesterday that i had completely forgotten about.  I love this site for two reasons, one - it's hilarious and two - it reminds me of one of my favoritest people.

and this is the exact url of that site i found...years ago:

I ran over to Christina (our student at work) to share; I knew she'd love it because we have a similar style of humor.  Oh that, and she really is an amazing person; she's funny, smart, articulate, clever, intelligent and veeery slightly caustic (i like to think I imparted a bit of that to her).

"You have to check out this site; it's hilarious.....'it's (and i'll repeat phonetically) hyper-bowl-andahalfdotblogspotdotcom'.  she immediately stopped typing and whipped her head towards me and said "what did you say??"  My brain flooded with thoughts, did i just call her a raving stupid douchebag when i thought i gave her a blog address?  did i insult her mother? her father? the dog?  Whatever it was, I knew i had said something really lame; but, and this is rare, i'm not ALWAYS super-smart so I repeated myself.  This time with not as much gusto..."hy per..uh..bowl and a ha....."

"It's hyPUUUURRboLEE...."  Right.  It's so rare that I make grammatical errors in my speech since English was my only straight A class; but, when i do, i remember them like a traumatic childhood experience...hypuuuuurrrbolee.  I've heard of that before too; just never seen it in print.  and to this day i don't even know what it means; but if i ever need to say it, i now say it with pride.

file hyperbole along with:
mural (NOT muriel)

Thursday, September 06, 2012

Well now...

My waaay too tight pants are falling off.  if it wasn't for peanut butter, i'd be at my goal weight.

Sunday, September 02, 2012

Rut Slut

I did that HCG diet for a little over two weeks cheating all the way.  hahahah...i just can't kid myself anymore.  BUT oddly enough it did get me off the booze train that i had grown comfortable on.  i drank once in the last 3 weeks and i'm pretty sure i can go another 3 weeks without it.  i forget the horrific hangovers you get when you're on low-carb (on low-carb instead)

My brothers came over last night and i made them a fabulous dinner.  we were supposed to go to a play in Fair Oaks but i was feeling tired and shitty so we watched The 20 Most Shocking Videos on TruTV.  They hate that shit but, funnily enough, they stayed for 3 episodes of it.  White trashy addicting.

Kody's good.  I took him to work with me yesterday while i moved my cube from Hell to Heaven.  I thought he'd be happier being there with me but he was afriad to be alone on the big dark floor and he was panting pretty badly.  I finally got him to sit down after I could sit down in my new cube an unpack.  and, the good boy that he is, he pooped RIGHT where i'd see it so i could clean it up and none would be the wiser.

Gotta get my old car smogged today.  costed me $500 to get rid of that check engine light to GET it smogged so i'm writing all that off.  I will!

Someone at work about shit his pants when i told him i was 46.  he stared at me the entire time i was in his cube, making comments every once in  awhile how he doesn't believe me.  it has to be the pink hair...makes me look a decade younger and two decades hotter.