Wednesday, March 15, 2006

St. patty's DAY!

how do i find myself here again? I'm heavier now than i've ever been. and for the first time i have to say, i don't look it! maybe my brain gained weight or seomthing.

friday night is st. pattys night and i wasn't going to do anything becuase that's kinda gay. (sorry dena) But my brother asked me specifically if i was doing anything so it got me goin....doesn't take much. so, i'll get my fill of green beer and start a diet sunday. with a good long kayak in my new tandem kayak. and my boys....all 3 of them.

Peng and i are on total opposite views of the death penalty. I know it's wrong for our government to kill; but, why am i always happy to see one less horrific person be able to live on this earth? and one less that will be eating innocent animals too!!

here is our string of discussion:
That is a ligature used in choking & subduing Carlie

He should be locked away forever. Death penalty is still just revenge, not justice.

What makes being locked away forever not revenge? He killed, he should be killed. Live by the sword; die by the sword.

You’re suddenly Jewish? If we all lived by an eye for an eye, we’d have a world of blind people. Society has a right to protect itself, hence prisons. That’s not revenge, that’s safety. If you look at the parts of the world without the death penalty, they also have less violence.

The world is also full of checks & balances. You play, you pay. That applies to everyone and everything. It’s simply nature.

You cheat, you suffer great pain
You drink, you live with problems (health & life)
You eat sugar ,you get cavities
You play with fire, you get burned
You eat like a pig, you get fat
You kill, you get killed.

Ah, but society does not work that way.

You cheat (bankruptcy) you are forgiven the first time.
You can get a liver transplant if yours dies from overdrinking
You can get dentures paid for by a group medical plan
We treat burn victims, no matter whose fault, at great medical expense.
You can have health care guide you through a weight loss program.
Life in prison is certainly not a picnic.

Why do we do this? Because we recognize the human frailty in ourselves. And doing good for someone can change them. By cruel punishment and revenge, we give up part of our own soul and are lesser for it. Hence the stand against factory farming – it’s the most efficient way to get protein to the masses at the least cost. But its killing us as a society. Perhaps the rise in factory farming has lead to some of these people becoming evil killers – they see life devalued all around us. The death penalty is all part of that. it devalues society and sends out a different kind of evil stench.

Well I wouldn’t worry. He’ll be on “death row” for 20 years.

so, i secretly agree with peng but again...i also secretly am happy to know he'll be dead. I'm an anarchist, a liberuplican.


Blogger tabitha jane said...

i understand what you mean . . . i want to value life but at the same time the "fear" causes me to somehow somewhere in my brain feel better that they are gone . . . but what if they are innocent? or changed? what about forgiveness? what about the value of life? it teaches us nothing when we devalue the life of someone who has devauled another life . . . it's a crazy cycle.

have you seen the film, "the life of david gale"?
crazy shit.

2:57 PM  
Blogger Tanya Kristine said...

true. and innocent people HAVE been put to death. This man, however, admitted to it. forgiveness is huge; it helps the victim and/or their family. i just sometimes think along these lines: You chose to take away the value of someone elses life; your choice should be removed.

HOWEVER, that is based on fear too. when i worked for corrections i read about this big, ethnic man who broke in to a young college girls apartment while she was sleeping. he brutally raped her, brutally murdered her and then stole her car. he'd been convicted in the past for violent offenses and now that he had been let out, he was able to actually, this time, take a life. now he's in prison for 10 or so years. so when he gets out, am i next? and i have to live in fear because our justice system sucks bags? I agre with Pengs idea of locking them up forever but then that will cost me money to house that scum sucker that CHOSE to live the life he was leading. why should i pay? why should i possibly pay with my life?

and no, but i will....

3:08 PM  
Blogger Valerie said...

Jack ass should die.To kill is one thing, to toture and kill... ugh!

4:30 PM  
Blogger tabitha jane said...

i heard that it actually is more expensive to kill someone (with lethal injection) than to pay for them to spend the rest of their life in jail . . . i could have heard wrong . . .

10:27 AM  
Blogger ads510 said...

tabitha-it is technically true that it costs more to give someone the death penalty than to give them life in prison (see, I DID learn something in law school)...but the reason why it costs so much is because of the length of time it takes to house a person BEFORE they are put to death...and because of the number of appeals that a death penalty inmate is allowed. Most inmates sit on death row for at least twenty years and tax payers are paying that entire time, as well as the cost of their attorneys, etc.

Tanya, i'm in the boat with you...I know that my views on death penalty conflict with my other views, but sometimes I think its the only thing that works--especially when we have a prison system that just does NOT rehabilitate people, but instead turns them into even more hardened criminals.

8:09 AM  

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