Sunday, December 04, 2011

Sally's b'day party...

Janet and I went to Magpies for a late lunch yesterday. GOD my hair came out good! There was this darling pregnant girl there who told us this was her 2nd child. her daughter was 13 and she was premature so the birth wasn't too bad. This one was proving to be a rather large boy so i suggested that she start smoking now to encourage another premature birth and she'd be safe.

As those words came out of my mouth, I immediately felt flushed like that was so inappropriate to say and she looked at me for about 3 seconds and started to totally laugh. Then she added that she would also add some cocktails to that suggestion. phew.

We split a portobella mushroom sandwich with a white bean spread on focaccia bread. it was frickin AMAZING. Awesome flavors...and the Magpie's version of Mac & Cheese...delish.

The party was supposed to be at Shady Lady but they had a wedding reception there and without

blinking an eye, i knew Sally just simply walked a block to the nearest bar and, yes, i was right.


she had a nice turnout...i love her friends. we stayed til about 8 and headed home chalking up a normal evening out with friends and an early bedtime. : )

chore and animal cop marathon day...


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