Friday, December 02, 2011

Mexican Dookie

I was famished yesterday and all I wanted was a bean & cheese burrito. Our cafeteria in our building is disgusting but that's how hungry i was. I grabbed one of those packaged ones but when i went to pay for it, said "BEEF" and cheese so I put it back.

The blind guy behind the register said they'd make one for me so I ordered one. She looked at me like I was crazy. "Just bean & cheese? no rice? no veggies? Nothing?"

After 5 minutes of waiting I had to ask how that simple bean & cheese burrito was coming along becuase after all, it's just BEANS & CHEESE!!!

And this is what I got.

A huge, cold, unmelted velveeta cheese burrito. For $3.50. I actually took it back. becuase for $3.50 i can get 3.5 bean & cheese burrito's at Taco Bell...


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