Monday, November 21, 2011

My man girl

Show of hands that would think a 6'2, 200# man would have more girlie traits than me.  (well...maybe I shouldn't add "than me" but how about just "than not")  No one?  That's what I thought.

My phone has never rang that much in it's little life.  And neither did my trusty old iphone from days gone past...I finally had to ask him "my GOD!  why are you calling me so much!?" He was a little hurt but he said that he doen'st mind texting but when he wants to talk to someone he'd just rather call and talk. 

He takes longer than me to get ready AND he uses eye cream. hahahaha...When we went out for b'fast, he had to do his hair and brush his teeth.  You don't even wanna know what i looked like.

And at breakfast, as soon as we sat down I pulled out my phone and he said "are you going to play with your phone the whole time, or are we going to talk?"..hahhaah..i'm cracking up writing this.  After brunch, he made me go to the auto store to get wipers...i begged him to just take me home; but, no...girls like company when they shop. (he did redeem his manhood when i told him next time he comes over we're doing ANYTHING but going to tallac.  He said "You're assuming there's going to be a next time".  We're going to slice each other to death with our own tongues)

I'm glad he lives in Santa Rosa...that's exhausting...but he really IS darling.

Did i tell you I ran 3.6 miles Saturday?