Saturday, November 19, 2011

damn girl!

Well, i didn't do the 5.2 but i DID do the 3.6!!!  It was one of those runs that you really could run forever but things started to hurt regardless.  So I literally, from 29th on followed lightrail til i got to 48th and took that home.  pretty good.

Girl time.  going shopping with Jeannie and then having a late lunch.  dustin's in town so i'll hook up with him later for some Boy time.  got my genders covered.  i know i said i woudlnt' but he is irresistable.  And i FINALLY figured out what it is about him that drives me insane..and by insane, i mean i adore him and he drives me nuts; he is me.  I can see the potential addiction in the beginning and the sheer exhaustion near the end. hahhaha...but it's aaaaall still fun.