Thursday, November 17, 2011

Aaaaaand back to my happy place...

I watched a movie yesterday called Trust about an online paedophile predator that lured a 14 year old to a motel for one "meeting".  Tragicly sad movie except the one line from the very distraught father to the mother..."For Christ's sake Lynn!  He's 20 years older than her!", of course, 20 years is huge to a 14 year old but still...made me chuckle...

Yesterday was not my most favoritest day.  I got up late and it was critical shower day so that made me even later which meant i had to drive in and i hate driving in.  When i walked in the building, nick was walking out reminding me we had sexual harrassment training.  1/3rd of the way thru SH training my phone dies so no more Angry Birds.  Back at work, I get scolded by my boss for not telling him that i had MANDATORY TRAINING and as a common courtesy to let him know next time becuase even Nick told him about his training and he's not even his boss, and the phones were ringing off the hook (they weren't.  and Nick told him becuase he was walking by him; not becuase he felt compelled to tell him.  i HATE people that embellish stories to make their anger look more relevant)  I apologized but he had to send me an email cc'ing our big boss becuase i heard him venting to him, to remind me why it's important to let him know where i am.  and this is coming from someone who was afriad to let our students go even though they were completely lame and from teh same guy who knows, as it was brought to his attention, about one of our co-workers who comes in late every single day and does nothing about it.  and not just the usual 15 to 30 minutes late but an hour and a half, two hours late.
Then i leave to move my car only to find this:

oh god i HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATE that!!!!  So, it took me about 8 Austin Power moves to get out of there; but, i did not leave without sharing a bit of my displeasure.

You can see where i broke my lipstick on the letter "R"...too bad...i liked that lipstick too. 


Today will be a MUCH better day...i'm up early, gonna walk my boy, ride my bike in and remember it's thursday.  tomorrow i leave at noon to get my hair did...

and i LOVE this song:  (singer ain't bad either)

very clever.