Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Michael Vick

I don't really watch football unless it's the playoffs or superbowl or whatever; but, tonight i turned on monday night football to see chicago's last quarter with the Eagles.  Michael Vick being the quarterback for the eagles i just couldn't help finding myself rooting for chicago. A lot of people can forgive Vick for what he did, but i cannot.  But a lot of people also bury their heads in the sand.

NO ONE can possibly endure, create, participate in that kind of animal cruelty and then suddenly be reformed.  I know this will be a weird analogy but that's like asking me to stop being kind to animals and start beating them mercilessly, kicking them and laughing while i do so...i just can't.  NEVER could i do that.  And the only reason Vick is "pretending" that he's reformed is because he has a multi-million dollar contract at stake.  Why would he risk that?  But again, anyone that can delve in that kind of cruelty, watching dogs fight to the death, electrocuting those that don't do well, putting 'bait' dogs in the pit to watch champions hone their skills, subjecting innocent beings to such horrific abuse for notoriety, money, status, whatever...Hm....you have to have some evil in you.

This is Cherry. I was moved by his story becuase he was such a sweet, shy guy.  He knew nothing of love, affection or trust and you can see that clearly from this video (nothing graphic) and sorry for the ads.  this is him, by the way, when he got to best friends...he has since been adopted and no longer feels like a bait dog. 

Here's cherry (and other vick dogs) now....(and i ADORE Curly...look at his attentive eyes)  I also find it amazing that these "fighting" dogs can actually play with other dogs...wth!!!??

why wouldn't everyone want to be this kind?

and why is it always my nose-picking thumbnail that breaks??