Wednesday, November 02, 2011


You know what's harder than riding your bike in the hurricane we had yesterday?  running in it.  And you know what's worse than both of those put together?  your two running partners that stayed 1/8th of the park distance ahead of you on their VERY FIRST RUN!

fuckers.  this was MY run.

That wind was brutal though.  i came home with half a tree in my eye.

Last night on my way home, i was behind a Chevy Equinox van and the license plate read "equnox".  why?  Tell me WHY you would pay extra to announce you're driving a MINI-VAN when it states what it is right by the license plate holder?!?  I can understand "Vette" or "mycmaro" because those people are usually meatheads that are proud of their muscle cars but a mini-van??   

Meeting Dena and Shayna at Goores to shop for her soon-to-be son tonight.  kinda exciting?