Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Running day

I had to take my co-worker to Chipotles yesterday since i lost the world series bet.  He was just so cocky and slightly dickish about Texas losing; but, he meant no harm...he just insisted tehre was no way Texas would win.

I mentioned that tomorrow (today) is my running day at work and now he wants to go!  I'm not super fond of running with people becuase i have my own pace and it's basically just aggressive walking. (haha...that was funny)  Then he told Nick so now Nick wants to go. They seemed nervous about running so i may be in good company.  It'll be kinda fun running with my two favorite boys.  They absolutely adore me and that's good for me becuase whenever i don't want to figure something out work-wise i just whine a little and they're all over it.  hahah...gotta get my love where i can!

I'm making dinner for me and my brother tonight.  since we only have ONE dexter to watch :(((( we're filling in the void with a Walking Dead.  I just don't know where else walking dead can go...but, it's watchable.

gotta take my boy for a walk and pack my bike.  2nd good day in a row??? do i dare??