Sunday, October 23, 2011

Moment of truths

I went to a Silpada party yesterday for a few hours. Jill told me to bring Kody, and as shocking as that was, I did. He was really great but he’s just SO damn big! The poor jewelry hostess had to keep her eye on her tables because every time he’d walk by, his tail would mess up her displays. And then someone had to bring a child who now had to be held the entire time. Hahaha…Oh and he chased Jill’s cat right up a tree. She said she was glad to see that because she wasn’t sure he was even capable of that anymore but Kody showed her he, indeed, was. He really was sweet (minus the cat scene); he just doesn’t know his own size.

I bought a pair of darling hammered hoops. Frickin $60! You can be sure I will be wearing those to bed!

I went over to Jeannies after to hook up a computer for her. Since I had Kody, there was no reason to rush home so I hung out for dinner and two movies. We had to shop for a couple of things for the computer and shop for a couple of things for dinner and while we were running from place to place, I was talking about the usual. I made some comment, that I always make and Jeannie suggested that maybe I’m the only one who thinks that….I’m like “noooo….even you do too, right?”

“No. In fact I don’t. And honestly I never understood it.”

And there it was. Time froze and I stared at her for a minute, mouth open. Some indisputable facts followed by a simple, yet perfectly phrased statement that shifted my reality.

And now I am free.

We watched a stupid-ass thriller and then Bridesmaids. Jeannie had never seen Bridesmaids but absolutely loved it. She said she hadn’t seen a Hollywood movie in years that she enjoyed as much as she enjoyed this. It was funny, because, although I’ve seen it before, I was watching thru my last 4 week eyes and my life has been very Annie-ish lately. It’s nice to see someone’s loser life played in the light of humor. Made my life seem pretty funny too.

We got home around 9:30 and I watched my usual nighttime shows and went to bed for a solid, heavy and healing sleep. Today is a hopeful day and, for once, it really feels like it…


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