Tuesday, October 18, 2011


I actually like riding my bike now. I mean I’ve always enjoyed the ride in because I’m a morning person, it’s cool out and not very trafficky, but I used to dread the ride home. It takes a whole 30 minutes and I really just wanted to be home. Maybe it’s because I don’t like being home anymore. I’m only there because of Kody but when that changes, God forbid and not rushing, I’ll probably never be home.

My mountain bike has a flat tire. I have to buy one of those ‘never gets flat’ tubes…I think they make that? Anyway, it’s the back tire too and I HATE changing the back tire with that damn derailleur and chains all over the place; but, I’ve done it before and I’m sure I can do it again.

I want to try some mud biking cuz momma likes to get dirty. I also want to do that down & dirty race in Folsom at the end of October. I might not be ready so i'll wait til the last minute. BUT, i will be ready for my boot class in November. kinda excited about it; kinda nervous. i hope they don't yell at me becuase i WILL cry.


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