Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A big shout-out to the 180!

It started with the bike ride home. THAT felt good. I had forgotten my helmet too and the unrestrictedness was nice.

I only had time to freshen up before Jeannie and Dena showed up and we headed to Vallejo's to do the Full moon cemetery walk.

Jeannie, Deannie, Tanyee

Liz, Dena, Me, Jeannie

It was a pretty big turnout with some pretty interesting people...

On the way to the cemetery, this house was very coolily decorated. Check out that one head looking at me...creeepyyyy!!!!

This cemetery is GORGEOUS! We're going to do another walk but with a hired tour guide. Dena knows one of the tour guides there so we'll get a good show.

LOVE the trees...and all the plants. It looks like an old, rustic cemetery. is!~

Like totally cool. I jumped in front of Chris' camera just in time to get this awesome halloween shot.

Chris being Chris

Shirley humor.

After the cemetery the group headed to Capitol Park to check out the memorials but we went to Vallejos for dinner. I hadn't eaten a stitch all day and i"m kinda pissed that that's what i chose to eat. AND it was gross! but I kept it to a minimum and left not stuffed.

As for work, it's the same old thing as it was 3 months ago. Staring at the walls, surfing the internet looking for trouble. I just can't do that anymore. It's like a drink to me. SO, I'm going to enroll in an online Vet Tech program that will take 18 months to complete. I'll bring my laptop to work and use an air card so i'm not using our network which could possible get me in trouble. I don't think i can get away with convincing them that Vet tech school is very job-related.

When i graduate, I can consider going part-time and working at the SPCA in their clinic. And do rescues on the weekends becuase i'll be incredibly useful.

On another funny note, i've had 3 friends point me to this video since the chick reminds them of me. Randy said "she's not your twin; she's you!" hahaha...i certainly can see me yelling the "BARRIER!" part. *sigh* someday i WILL find a man that will love me just as I's gonna be hard.


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