Tuesday, September 13, 2011


I'm going to incorporate a few raw meals in to my diet the next few days. I'd like to juice too but i still remember my last experience years ago juicing. it was not pretty and let's just say some vomiting was involved. yuk. i hate juice really. i think it's TOO healthy for my body. but vodka...yes...that's okay. hahha...

well at least it was.

so today i'm making a carrot coriander soup. i borrowed my brothers vitamix since tha'ts the best tool to use for raw food recipes and it's super expensive so i'll make do with the freebie. i'm not fond of carrots but this contains an avocado and that could make poop taste good.

My car battery was acting up so i called AAA. they deduced that it was my alternator. i took it to Black Rock today and they deduced that they have no idea what the problem is. So, my car clicks when i try to start it and then it eventually turns over and black rock charged me NOTHING for the testing so I'll just have to ride on that for a bit. it's a 96, has a 150K but it is a toyota. it can easily go 250 with minimal issues but again i am faced with what to do. and i'm faced with what i want if i do buy. i'm kinda leaning towards a Tundra. Chicks look cool in trucks and trucks are just handy. although i would love a convertible. lots of problems with convertibles. you have to leave them unlocked so assholes don't slice your top to get in....and if you know me, you know i leave half my life in my car. then there's the ever-popular SUV which i love. but which one? highlander is too expensive, pilot is too cheap. fords break down and chevys are no better. speaking of...did you see that commercial for the Journey? they left it in one spot and if you can find it, you can HAVE it!!! it's in tahoe somewhere...i need to rent a helicopter. cheaper than buying a car. (although upon some research, one has already been found. there is 3, i think and the others are not in tahoe...booooo!!)

i'm back to work on October 3rd. I'm not going to be shy when i go back either. I'm going to let my bosses know exactly how i feel, who i am and what my intentions are which is to quit and/or find another job. I have no fear anymore about pursuing any dream in my talented mind. i really don't. I can go anywhere, do anything and have minimal consequences. But I'll do it slowly and play my cards right, cautiously but with fierceness.

hooray for me!!!


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