Saturday, September 03, 2011

new ground

I bought a mountain bike yesterday just to do a ride today. my brother tried to talk me out of it but i gave myself permission to be impulsive. it's better than $400 at thunder valley, right? right.

He (bro) left for new hampshire today. that was supposed to be my trip too but for a myriad of reasons, i cancelled. thank God he understood. One of the main reasons was leaving Kody. he's just too old and i'm afraid leaving him creates enough turmoil in his schedule to make him worse. However, if he's still kicking by next April, he's in shit luck becuase i'm going somewhere by then.

speaking of that....where to go? I want to go to the grand caymans but i think two caribbean vacations in a row is good. unless i go to hawaii which is more hiking and water sports. maybe i'll do that. i would love to see the bamboo forest and kayak around the islands (island?) and do some reef diving only. that deep dive shit is boring and slightly scary but reef diving is like a frickin theater show; one you don't want to leave. and you don't really have to for like over an hour!!

but i was thinking germany too for the oktoberfest. that's a bit past april but hopefully that will be becuase kody is still here. I just think that would be an awesome trip to put under my belt and i did visit Ireland which i'm part of...oh wait. i lived in germany. hahha...but still. like i remember germany as a 6 year old. i'd rather experience it as a true German; drunk & dancey.

my car is about kaput. Chris lent me his car while he is gone because i don't want to get stranded in granite bay on a hot day with a new bike. i guess i should get it all fixed up and drive it another 5 years. the thought of a car payment makes me nauseated. i'd rather save up another 10K and buy one out right. yeah...guess i'll do that.

well. i'm so normal now. BORING! and yet so unbelievably amazing. here's to no broken bones and lost teeth!


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