Sunday, August 21, 2011

Day 7 - key west

I went to my little french bakery on my 'last' day here to enjoy one last delicious bakery b'fast. on the way, at this million dollar home i saw my favorite little critter on the pillar. These are ALL over the place...and they are darling and range from as big as your pinky to the size of a hand.

I didn't do much else the rest of the day but pack my stuff and hang out in the pool with the regulars. They had a Tequila sunset party around 4 so i had one and went to my room to shower and get ready for dinner with Robin and Keith.

we went to Abondanza where Robin and i split a manicotti in a tomato cream sauce and each had a glass of wine.

I love key west becuase you cannot wear makeup; it just slides right off.

Robin likes to do "Sears" poses so we had to do a gay Sears pose:

After that we headed to the Hyatt wharf where we were going to do another sunset cruise (this time on a sailboat) but there was a storm hanging out and we decided not to go.

Instead, we decided to go the Better than Sex which is an AMAZING dessert restaurant.

Their cocktail glasses are dipped in any kind of sauce (chocolate, caramel, whte chocolate) and filled with any kind of wine or champagne. I had the 10 year old port (out of 20; 30 too expensive) dipped in a dark chocolate.

It doesn't look dark becuase i had to use a flash. They keep their restaurant veeeeeeeeery dark and it's only lit by candles and cheesy brothel type lighting. the only way you could look at the menu was to click on the little flashlights they leave you....i liked that.

I had the Tongue Bath Truffle and substituted the raspberry sorbet with their homemade vanilla bean ice cream. It's a delicious flourless chocolate cake, which is my FAV!

Keith had the "special" which was the Banana Bazooka

Suzanne had the Jungle Fever

Dave had the Team Cream which was their amazing version of Creme Brulee. and Robin had the same thing i did.

after that, we headed home and the group hung out on the balcony reminiscing and that's when i needed to go because i was tired, full and kinda ready to go home.

The next morning, Suzanne picked me up at 8am and took me to the Key West airport so i coudl get my rental car. When i came back, i helped Robin and Keith move to their new unit since they were staying another week and after that we all went to Camilles for our goodbye breakfast.

I hit the road after saying goodbye. I was kinda glad to get going. It was an AMAZING vacation and I met some awesome people. I reeeeeeeeally loved Suzanne. It took a while for her to warm up to me; she basically would only talk to Robin the day we were on teh boat; course she's known her for 20 years and me one day but by the end of the day, I won her over. Plus, she burps JUST like me. i was amazed that that tiny little southern flower could let out like me and it was hilarious when she did. the night we were to do the sunset cruise was when we bonded over our disdain of our jobs. I talked to her in detail about her unhappiness and assured her i feel exactly the same way. she said she wished she had met me earlier so we could have hung out more. that was so can tell she's particular about whom she befriends as am I.

I have to say, i would never want to live in key west or florida for that matter. it's friggin' hot and it NEVER cools down. you can't even open the doors at night! i also got attacked by sand fleas my whole trip there, of course. i am a sugar cube to biting bugs.

also, florida's freeway system is HORRIBLE!!!! oh my god. i did a little bit of screaming in my rental car becuase i had no idea where the fuck i was half the time. and i left in plenty of time to catch my plane but i was getting very nervous. i didn't even bother to fill up my rental car because at that point, i just didn't care about the $45 fee; i just wanted to get the hell in the airport.

of course, i had two hours to kill before my plane got there but was very stressful.

My lovely brother picked my ass up at 11pm saturday night and i was greatful for that. he brought billy too which saved kody's ass a bit becuase i got my dog-beating needs out a little on him first. and Kody, as sweet as he can be, will not leave me alone. he did the whole spinny thing when i got home which is the first time he's really ever expressed his joy at seeing me. why coudn't he have been 11 his whole life!

he woudn't go to sleep either...he wanted to play and be petted and i did that for about an hour before i just had to go down.

we had our walk this morning, and i got my coffee and now it's unwind, decompress and a get shit done day.

i feel pretty refreshed, a little weird, slightly hopeful, a bit skeptical...but i'm gonna live my life like i'm on a solo vacation and take each day as it comes and see what unfolds....


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