Tuesday, August 16, 2011

day 4 key west

Not super a lot to report today. i got up at 6:30, made a pot of coffee and loaded up my dive gear. I left at 7:30am to be SURE i got to the dive place in time for 8am.

of course there are two Margaret streets and i chose the wrong one. So wehn i realized this i headed in the semi-opposite direction to God knows where. i tried to find a cab but there were none around. the one i found was taken and i had to walk on. Now it's 8am and i'm about a mile from the dive shop. And at that time the thunderstorms hit. It doesn't just rain in key west; it POURS. although i super love storms the lightening kinda freaked me out. i actually took refuge on someones porch. belive it or not, i was afraid of getting struck by lightening. im not the luckiest person i know .

and i got SOAKED. not just caught in the rain soaked but dove in the pool soaked. i really didn't mind though because being here is better than...well...you know....

I did get to the dive shop at about 8:30 and luck be have it, they can't leavetil the lightening stops so i was there 'on time'. we hugn out a bout another 45 minutes and then finally loaded up on the boat. i met Susan and Steve and they were to be my dive buddies since ui have no one *(insert tears here)

we went through orientation and our first dive was a sunken tug boat. BORING!~ but it was 70ft and that freaked me out. i hung around the boat line becuase i saw Open water and that will NEVER be me.

The 2nd dive was a reef dive and you can basically stay down there forever and shoot up to the top if you want to. But i got seperated from everyone from the boat and i found myself diving alone. in a vast ocean. i had no concept of where the boat was and although i could have done that dive by myself, the whole point of a dive buddy is if soemthing happens to your air, you can share their air til you get to the surface. I did my very best not to panic and decided i must go up to the surface. when i did, the boat guys told me wehre there were some bubbles, to find those people and just stay with them. so that's what i did. they just happened to be steven and susan. i love reef diving. it's very non-stressful, gorgeous and fun. i saw parrot fish, black fish with glowing blue dots, wierd square fish and a SHIT LOAD, i mean SCHOOLS of yellow fin tuna. or yellow fin somethings. another reason i didnt' really want to hang out with susan and steve was they were lobster hunting and i really hate that. can't you just come down here and enjoy yourself without taking them out of their home?? (they never caught one anyway)

i'm seriously thinking of donig the vandenburg. it's one of the 3 TOP world-wide wreck dives IN THE WORLD~ that's like going to orlando and not seeing the harry potter exhibit~ so i might do that thursday. the reason why i'm not sure is becuase it is an advance dive of 140' and at 140, you are now risking your life.

but my time is running out before i have to go to work so i'm not sure i really care : )

oh and another thing? i don't mind being fat anymore; i'm trying to accept myself for who i am but tell my thighs that. they are rashy as SHIT in this humidity!! hahahah....


I really didn't mean to have any more fun. i meant to lay in the afternoon sun and then go to bed but the free rum party brought out the partiers...and here they are:

so i hung out with all these people and ended up in the pool for the next two hours playing volleyball. two games!! the one flattering thing was robin yelled at the guys "come on! give me a break...all i've got is me and Tanya!" yeah baby...you know how competive i am!

so tomorrow, Catherine and her husband are taking me and some of the others out on thier boat. can't wait...need to get rested up for yet ANTOHER amazing day in Key West....


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