Wednesday, July 27, 2011


I love my dreams. If I wrote a song, it would be titled "I just want to die in to my dreams". ain't that poetic? They're so real, vivid and happy. This morning I was married and in love. I'm glad I get helps.

I just made some zucchini bread from Paula Dean's recipe. you can't go wrong with her shit...she's awesome.

I'm going to the spiritual center store today to see if i can find some books or cd's on meditating. i have GOT to get in to meditating. i know that is my only answer. I avoid things that might help and embrace things that hinder. It's my nature. But i've got to change that path. I'm killing myself slowly. That's an awful way to die.

My transmission is going out on my car. At first, i cared; now i don't. I can pretty much live without a car minus needing to take Kody anywhere. which is quite frequent. i wish his ass wasn't so big becuase i could use the trailer i made for him to take him places. maybe i'll just build another trailer that he actually fits in.

It's going to be hot all week. yuk.


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