Saturday, July 16, 2011

Home again... : (

i just searched for properties in south lake tahoe because i wanna move there. I absolutely love it there. my brother says "hell no!" because it's too snowy but he also does not like dogs so we do have different tastes. radically different. Two days up there was absolutely not enough.

The ride up was gorgeous and we did our usual stop at Strawberry Lodge to have our first cocktail. (Normally we stop at St. Pauli Girl Inn but they've been closed for 2 years for renovations.) We always walk down to the river and finish our drink down there becuase it's breath taking.

After that we headed to our timeshare which is BEAUTIFUL! I got the master bed & bath since we were using my points and Janet and Dena got the slaves quarters. Felt kinda odd being the master but i quickly adjusted.

Our view: (see the lake??'s there)

we hung out and played pool, drank and unpacked. Then, much to Dena's dismay, Janet and I decided tonoight would be our gambling night. Dena ended up having a great time because she always seems to meet someone hot and hang with them all night.

We gambled til 3am and i left with $20 more dollars than i went in with which is pretty dang good for 10 hours of gambling. i was down most of the time but right before we left i won $200.

Duh! winning!

the next day we walked to sprouts which was a helluva lot longer than i thought it'd be but it was a beautiful day so it mattered not.

On the walk back we did a little shopping and walked back through the neighborhoods behind the casinos...When we got home, Dena and i were pretty much done for the day; but, not Janet! She said she was gonna go to Lakeside for "a few hours" and to call her if we decided to do anything later. Since we were in our PJ's i was pretty sure this was it for the night. And it was. We watched "I love you, Phillip Morris" which was a brilliant love story with brilliant acting by Carey and McGregor. cannot BELIEVE it only got a 70% on RT. Critics know nothing. or they're simply homophobic. This movie was not about gayness; it really was a believable love story.

We were in bed by 9. Still no Janet.

at 5:30am, Dena woke me up to tell me Janet had not come home at all. I was a little worried but after a text of where the hell are you! she texted back that she was at "Harveys!!" like she was in "St. Maarten!!" hahah...

She got home at the last minute in time for us to get on the raod so we could be back in sac by 10.

And here i sit. Another weird beach-type weather day, watching my tomatoes cry at the cold weather. I think that's the secret. if you don't want a hot summer, call me up and i'll plant tomatoes.

I'm planning a trip to DeYoung in SF to see the Picasso exhibit. I'd rather it be a Van Gogh exhibit but these still are original pieces and that's gotta be cool.


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