Wednesday, August 10, 2011

LAZY ass day yesterday

So today i must make up for it. Still have a bit to do to make my house comfortable for Jakes mom and i have 3 days left to do i'm going to start packing slowly to make sure i pack well. i always try to pack well and i never do. I pack 18 changes of clothes and end up wearing about 3 over and over. I'll take that in to consideration as i pack. it's going to be a boxer short / sundress kinda vacation anyway.

What i don't want to do is go back East. That's too hard of an environment for me. high school buddies? My drug & alcohol days?? Hello! At least i'm going with my brother who will instill guilt in to me ASAP. And there is a ton to do back there especially in the fall. We can do some gorgeous long-ass hikes, visit our old home in Maine (do it every time i go back), hang out at the beach, etc....Still don't want to go.

Kody park time!

Kody found a black lab that lives near the park i take him too. so every day he has to meander (that's all he can do now) over to the house in hopes she's out. Today she was so i gladly let him go over. But he just can't go over and visit her. he has to, hopefully, gain access to the back yard which today he did. I whistled a few times to get him to come back; nothing. So i had to actually walk on someone's property to gather my beast. When i walked by their kitchen window, IN THE HOUSE, I hear "well hello! Who are you?" and "All right now...give me back my slipper!" that fucker.


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