Monday, August 08, 2011

good morning, world...

6 more days til I leave for white sands and turqoise waters. If it weren't for the 4 flights and the weather forecast of thunderstorms, I'd be overjoyed.

Yesterday was a funny day. When Dena and I were friends YEEEEEEEEEEEEEARS ago, we were both young & poor (and extremely hot), we had shitty cars, shitty paying jobs and lived life barely paycheck to paycheck. Fast-forward 25 years and we're kinda in the same spot. We both have shitty cars (still kinda hot), not financially wealthy and live paycheck to paycheck; just not barely anymore. So yesterday, Dena was coming over to hang out and she called me from Madison and I-80, telling me that her car was dead and could I bring her some jumper cables to help. I called around and finally found some and on my way there, I chuckled at the thought that my transmission would THEN give out on my way to help her and I'd be stranded too. We try and try and try to move forward and yet we find ourselves at square 1. Anyway, she got a new battery and my car made it to and from. phew!

She totally wanted to party and so did Janet but I told them both, that just for today, I was not drinking. Then i got a call for an invite to watch the sox/yankees game which is IDEAL for partytime but I refused. Poop becuase it was a GREAT game: Sox won in the 10th 3 to 2. I could have pictured me then...

But today I feel really good. Slightly happy, unhungover and not guilt-ridden or full of shame and, for once in quite a while, not fat. I made an awesome lunch for us, we chatted for a bit and parted a few hours later. I have to say it was funny becuase without alcohol, we all did seem bored. Why does alcohol add such an aspect of fun? It's ridiculous. Oh well...maybe it'll take some getting used to.

I don't think i'll drink in Florida either becuase that could just be dangerous. i've seen enough Forensic Files to be smartly worried. And with THIS package, i just invite rape and with this mouth i just invite murder! I see no point to it either...3 drinks euphoria, 5 more drinks later; turmoil. I don't want to ruin my vacation. or my health. But I know me so I'll say no more. I did load up my meditations on my iphone becuase i really want to keep on that path. that's the very least i can do to help myself finally find joy and peace.

What's with this weather??? My tomatoes are dying again! THANKS SACRAMENTO! i hate the heat when it's here; but, not when i have tomato plants!


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