Saturday, August 13, 2011

Documentation of my key west trip - day 1

cant figure out the pcitures yet so tehy're not in order but this is my view from my patio.

and this is me in my black convertible mustang. LOVED IT. i totally got the white trash tshirt sunburn too!

Feels kinda weird traveling by myself but i'm happy im here. i always am when i travel.

My trip started off with anxiety relieving cocktails with janet at my house, with 10 games of cards. I went to gordon beirsch *sp?) for a 16 ouncer to keep my buzz going and shot the shit withthis guy. 10 minutes later teh bartender whispers to me that 'we don't use that kind of language here'...whta is it with me and swearing that offends old-ass bartenders? there wasn't a soul in teh bar but the man i was talking to! He must be related to that elbow-fuck at socals.

Anyway, got on teh plane no problem . the ride was rough and i screamed at one point grabbing my neighbor beside me. The second flight i barely had enough time to grab some OJ and tator tots before i had to catch the next plane (typing SUCKS on this tiny laptop but i'm glad i have it). perfect. i met a darling little girl on the plane *(little...I mean 18). She was so friendly and non-typical of a teen!

Got my luggage and got my convertible. it was not a very pretty ride and i din't realize i should have put the top down WHEN i got to the islands. instead, i had it down all the way thru ft. lauderdale and miami. but it really still was fun even thought it was sticky and hot. i'd rather be there know.

i started super-ass falling asleep behind the wheel and decided i really needed to pick a place to pull over to. i found this darling restaraunt tiki hut type seafood place wehre i had iced tea and seared ahi. i would have loved to have a beer but i was just too tired and that woudn't be very smart especially since i had another hour to go. i met an awesome couple named Mike and Jeannie. they've been gtogether for 30 years. got married at their 11th year and are still very best friends. that's the secret. being best i hung out with them for 45 minutes and then got back on the road.

I saw it coming. the standard afternoon thunderstorms. i kept my top down until i HADto put it up. now any one who knows me KNOWS the wipers MUST match the rain flow or i'll go mad. you can forget that here. you just have to leave them on with the occasional shut off (becuase that really DOES drive me mad - dry wipes? hello??) varied from torential, to sporadic to normal sprinkles to rain to torrential downpours. LOVE IT!!!

Afater driving all over key west i found my resort. it is DARLNIG!!! looks like an old B&B but 5 times the size. first thing i did was drop my big ass luggage off and headed to the bar. I styaed for 2 beers, chatted even more people up (I am massively brilliant with superficial relationships) made new "lifelong" friends adn then headed back up to my room to unpack and settle in.

I felt a bit melancholy and didnt' really know WHAT to do so i asked terry the b'tender where to go. he suggested a trip down Duvall street adn that's what i did. i found a cute little lit up italian restaurant where i ordered puttanesca and a cabernet. i only ate a third so i coudl have the rest for later. i fed the local chicken that kinda hung around my table, ofcourse.

After that, i went to a little shop to get my typical fridge magnet, a keywest baseball cap and strolled on home. I met a woman on the way home named Tara who told me about a wreck they just sunk last year called the Vandenburg and you know what? that's waht i'm gonna do. dive a wreck. sounds fun!

tnight is a full moon. i was giong to swim in teh ocean but being a 70's child and remembering jaws that is just TOO creepy so i took a quick dive in the pool. nasty warm water too...mummy likes her pool water COLD!

Now i'm showered and ready for a bit of tv and nighty night. Tara recommended an awesome coffee place right next door so that's where i'm goign in the am. then i need return my car and me thinks tomorrow will but a lounge in the sun, float in the ocean day. This really is my calling... : )

writing just for memory purposes, not a nobel prize.


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