Monday, August 15, 2011

Day 3 key west

I moved veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeery slowly this morning and the advil bottle i grabbed from home only contained vitamins, so i went back to bed and suffefred til i could suffer no more. got up around 820 and walked 2 blocks to ana's for some advil, came home and slept til 10.

I got up, put on my suit and walked the same 2 blocks to the bike rental place and rented a bike for the day. my first stop? banana cafe. BEST EFFING POTATOES AND CROISSANT EVER!

this is the southern most point in the keys...90 miles to cuba.

Here me and my bike. hate those glasses but i had to buy smaller ones that would fit under my new cool key west hat.

an icon. didnt' go in though.

this is a little isalnd right off of key west. you can bet your sweet ass those are multi million dollar homes. i am now on the very west side of the island on the historic seaport boardwalk . it's so pretty here...

I am trying to find Schooners where I met vicki so i have no idea where i am but i didn't care. i just toodled around looking at shops and bars and here is capt. tony's where the ever so bad alcoholic hemingway partied.

I finally found schooners and vicki who very kindly bought me a strawberry margherita. i totally did not want to drink but what can i do? she introduced me to two of her friendsso i chatted them up for a half hour. Steve gave me his girlfriends phone number who's going to book me an allday sailboat party, snorkel, kayak trip. hello!

I stopped here to say hello to Chicken and talked with some guy name Ryan who was HILARIOUS!!! Seriuos. that guy has a very unique and funny mind. there were a few times i thought maybe he was 'special'...hahahah....

after my key west draft i hopped on my bike and headed to fort zachary taylor park. It required a $2.50 entrance fee and i was toally out of cash...alli could find was 4 quarters but this super awesome guy paid the rest of the fee so i could get in. THANK YOU EVERET!!

I actaully just wanted to go here so i could jump in the ocean...beleve it or not you can't just jump in anywhere. after my swim i did the bike trail and came upon this fort. i'll look up why that fort was though.

After i left the park, i was heading to key west best cuban restaurant, El Siboney; but, on my way, look what I ran in to!!!

this is Ernie's back yard. him and i have the very same taste as far as a back's lush, tropical, thick and lots of water...loved it. the house was kinda weird tho...

LOVED his pool. it's basically pretty shallow. he must not have liked to swim but float. i could get used to that.

another view of the pool.

a little foot bridge with a small waterfall.

checks written by hemingway. i thought that was kinda cool.

ernie as a baby to a man.

margaux hemingway. i think she killed herself. being a hemingway ws probably painful.

hemingway's books. *(not all his)

More lushness

These are called Banyan trees...they have weird ass roots growing all over itself.

this is a conch chowder at teh cuban was FABULUOS!

cuban food. fried plantains were amazing.

that was my 3rd day. covered a lot of ground and now i'm actually just sitting in my room watching the animal planet. gonna put on my other suit and swim in the ocean for a little bit and come back and kick it. not in the mood to do much else....and tomorrow morning, early, i dive. YAY!!!!!


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