Thursday, August 18, 2011

Day 6 key west

I'm invading Cuba. they need a good dictator to keep them safe & happy. who's with me?

Pretty mellow day today. we had TWO storms and i just sat and watched both of them. i rode my bike to starbucks and had a mocha. i tried to blog there but it was tiny and the signals out on this island really suck so i gave up and rode back home.

i cruised over to the public beach to hang out in the hammock in read but they wanted money for me to do that...can you believe that?? Money to lay in a hammock. so i had to settle for our crappy chaise lounges.

at 6:00 i headed over to the casa marina pier to catch the sunset catamaran trip. i LOVE these boats!!!! I sat at the front thingie the whole trip. coudn't have been happier. no socializing for me tonight...

this was my view...besides everything else in front of me

then theyput up the sails...not it's basically silence except for the wind...GOD!

you can lay in those netted areas...kinda cool

that was it. went home, went to bed, went to sleep. : )


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