Thursday, August 25, 2011

medical mystery SOLVED!

i had to go the dr this morning becuas ei woke up two days ago to my right middle finger adn thumb completely swollen and itchy. i just covered it up and wore my rubber gloves to keep it protected. but i woke up this morning to now my index finger swollen and itchy and slightly part of my left hand too.

they coudnt; figure it out at UC Davis but gave me some cortisone and suggested i take benadryl as it's probably an allergic reaction. when i went to rite aid, i was telling darcy about my dilemma dn the woman behind me asked me if i wore any type of rubber gloves. well of COURSE i have been (have a Key West cold sore and i always wear gloves hwen i have one of those) and she said thats probably what it was.

i called and left a message for the dr. to tell her what it possible cuold be and she calls back and leavse me a message to, get this: NOT WEAR THOSE GLOVES ANYMORE. really? Thanks for that becuase i was JUST making a body suit out of those gloves to protect me from flea bites too so thank you!!!

p.s. my typing sucks but YOU try typing wiht 7 fingers.

yesterday i rear ended a chick at the chevron station. she got out of her car and screamed at me "what the fuck are you doing?" then she started to cry. I'm like WTF! so ig et ot and ask her what's the matter and she's trying to figure out why i hit her. i assured her it's called an 'accident' and to not get so upset asit was just a fender bender and no damage hd been done.

but she kept crying so i felt bad for her. she said she was on welfare and her son was i the hospital; he has no ear and they're doing something i dont' know; i was having a bad day myself. she had no money for gas or groceries so i offered to buy her gas. partly becuase i din't want the police called and i didn't want to go thru insruacne becuase her bmper was effed up. not becuase o fme but i was afriad i'd have to replace the whole thing anyway.

then she calms down and asks me for money. so i aske her how much she wants: $60. i tel lher i'll giv eyou $40. can yo umake it $60? Um, no..thats about $10 worth of damage so she settleed for $40. course my atm doen'st work since they ut a fraud alert due to my florida trip so she settels for a carton of smokes. $50.

i' pisse at myself becase now i realize she probably didn't have insurance and she woud have dropped the whole damn thing but since the deed has been done, i just have to assure myself i helped someone who kinda needed some help. and since they were marlboro reds, i ddn't want them anyway.


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