Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Mental Health Day

hahahah...yes i'm taking a mental health day. you'd think 2.5 months would be enough mental health days but on those days i was simply mental.

Took Kody to the vet yesterday and she was highly impressed with his state of health so i cried all morning for nothing. i SAID i wasn't going to do that but the burden of the thought was overwhelming and i gave in to it. Yes, the pooping is due to old age but it's not an indication of the end. And the lump on his back that i refuse to get tested in case it's bad news is nothing she said. YAY!!!

I have been dreaming about Viggo several times a week. WTF is up with that! This morning, we were on a plane and i had my head on his shoulder. I looked at him reading, whispered in his ear that i loved him and he turned to look at me, squared himself off and stared me straight in the eyes and told me he loved me too. GOD how awesome.

Course later i was in new york, driving down the street and he was crossing in front of me and a tornado was coming. I told him to get in the car so we could seek refuge. when he got in I asked if we could have sex and he said no. hahaha...fickle fucker.

So today i'm riding my bike to Folsom and back (like now before it's a hundred degrees), taking Kody swimming for a few hours and then getting a massage. When i get home i'll clean the shit out of this place becuase it has bits and pieces of mess everywhere.

yeah...good day.


rode 32 miles and saved a snake off the trail. is that a rattler?


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