Sunday, September 04, 2011

Only 11 more trips

In order to make my bike purchase worth the money, i have to go at least 11 more times. Not "I GET to go 11 more times"..hahha...that was really fucking hard. and scary. The meetup said a beginner trip but i had two strikes against me: I've never been mountain biking and i'm completely out of shape.

Me with my bike. course i just got me adn you can't see my brand new bike but i know it's there.

The uphills were BRUTAL. I had to get off my bike a few times becuase i just coudn't do it; not even in first, first gear. And i've learned sand is not my friend. i fishtailed a few times which made me shit my workout pants; but, I also learned if you let off the brake you don't fishtail. of course, that means you go faster but i had to pick the lesser of two evils.

This is the end. We rode the roads back becuase i was so worn out. SORRY PHRED! (he was very very gracious about it and quite a few people wanted to end early anyway) I got a new helmet. a fucking kids helmet becuase my head is so small but i looked like a frickin mushroom in adult helmets. hahahah..i actually look good in this one.

Look how dirty i am!!! HAHHA...right after this pciture i fell. i was hoping my first fall would be epic; maybe a broken bone or two but i fell while STANDING~!

It was a really nice group. and since i'm learning to apply the tools i'm learning I feel happier and I'm more myself so I made myself chat it up with everyone i came in contact with. And everyone was very receptive. I'm proud of myself for going; it wasn't easy for me to do since i've decided to become a hermit. but i'm not comfortable as a hermit and it's very sad for me. I enjoyed getting out, working out and playing nice with others. I am happy I'm looking for things that don't relate to alcohol too which is a very large world for me since basically my triggers are visiting the bar down the street and every bar within a 10 mile radius.

I went to jeannies after and we went to lunch and had some pretty good sushi. Then she talked me in to a pedicure. My chick, Rosie, was totally mean. I think she was pissed becuase she was in the bathroom for so long that i was lamenting and her co-workers started pounding on the door. what the hell was she doing in there anyway!!! She would smack my legs when she wanted me to put it up on the pad and then throw my feet back in the water when she was done. Then i said something to jeannie with the 'f' word in the sentence and she HIT ME! hahah...oh my god it was funny. i tipped her well.

Today is farmer's market and Chalk It Up with Janet. i'm looking forward to it...


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