Saturday, October 08, 2011

The Animal Place

Today, I drove up to grass valley for the Music in the Meadows festival held at The Animal place. it was SUCH a beautiful day and i always love coming up the hill. someday, i will move up here.

I wasn't interested in the music though..just the animals. here is something like a dog/goat something...maybe donkey. he was so cute.

and mountain goats...or so they think they're mountain goats.

This is Howie. He came here 15 years ago and was basically their first calf rescue. he is such a sweetheart. I got special drool on my shirt from him...thanks howie!

This is Linus. he was VERY shy and didn't really like people but his buddy Douglas... headbutted me many times. why didn't i get a picture!!!

do you NOT want to squeeze the shit out of him? so sweet...

this is a pot bellied pig, the last 3 of 300 rescued a few years ago in a hoarding case. they are crabby!

sweet life...sweet dreams!

The End


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