Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Carpet Remnants

Dexter is pretty amazing. It's kinda busy as there is like 3 things going on in each episode; but, it was good to hear the theme song again. Valentino came over during the last five minutes and went nuts over Kody so i didn't catch the ending of episode 2 but visually, he was putting his son to bed and thinking philosophically so I probably didn't miss too much. THANKS VALENTINO!

AND, I've made an earth-shattering decision to leave the iPhone. For a couple of reasons: one i absolutely abhor iTunes (i still can't transfer my iPhone songs on to my laptop) and two, Apple does not have a 4G network! Can you believe that? there's not even a plan in the works so for $300 I can get the mid-size iPhone 4S on a slow-ass network and still can't load my songs or for $99 i can get a droid that easily transfers music, is super-ass fast, has a bigger screen and is less expensive overall. I think that's a rhetorical statement.

I'm getting a pedicure tonight so that meant i would have had to ride my bike home in the dark and in flip-flops...but my $150 light isn't working so i'm gonna take a late lunch and go get my car. that gets in my exercise, i don't have to move my car every two hours and all is well in my little world.

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