Thursday, October 20, 2011


i have lost NINETEEN pounds since the infamous 9/18 date. thanks you two!!!


I just got back from lunch where i had baked catfish and spinach. sounds gross, right? not when you haven't eaten in two days! it was FABBY!

I had to apologize to the boy becuase i shared just a bit too much of my thoughts that i've had over the last 4 weeks with him. I really need to get a grip on myself at this point. at 45, four weeks IS enough time to grieve, accept and move on. He seems incredibly happy with his new girl and if I loved him like i say i love him, i should be incredibly happy for him too. The 20 year age difference STILL stings a bit; but,'s not my business anymore. I would bet, when I'M in love, I won't think twice about it. He's just been my friend for 10 years and I miss him. But until I can see him with her and feel nothing, I cannot be his friend now.

SO, atrollin' i must go. momma needs a man and soon. Twelve more pounds and i can be naked in front of said man so here's to it!


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