Friday, October 28, 2011


i can't do the no eating thing anymore. so i guess i have to start super working out. poop.

i changed out my own home thermometer. I'm pretty proud of myself!  Although I did put a special note in the window for the fire dept to save my dog first.

Game 7 tonight...i'm so rooting for Texas only becuase they're the underdog. I always love the underdog.

Zach Garafalakalis said he was a big Sarah Palin fan on his Conan O'Brien appearance and after the groans from the audience he said "I meant i'm a big parasailing fan"...hahahah

I think i'm going to apply for the part-time job at SPCA. I'll at least call about it. whatever hours i work there, i just don't work here. sounds awesome to me.