Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Fish and stuff

This fish, though i love him, is a pain in the ass. he has, what i think, is dropsy which is a fatal disease but i'm trying really hard to save him. i had to take him out of his mansion and put him back in the 1 gallon tank and make that his hospital tank. yesterday i came home to half the tank full of water. The other half was on the floor. The damn thing has a leak. so this morning, i cleaned out a 1 gallon vase and put him in there. And spent more money on him...very expensive $1.99 fish.

That Ben & jerrys did me no favors except make me excruciatingly happy for 15 minutes. and made me gain 2 pounds. over night. Now i have 8 pounds to lose in 14 pounds. seems unreasonable but not when you're not eating. i've grown rather accustomed to not eating and i kinda like it. it's easier, cleaner and you don't have to think about food. Yay! an eating disorder to add to my repertoire! I'm a catch!

I was supposed to do a tahoe hike this weekend but i can't on a low cal diet. i'll barely make the drive to roseville! bummer. i was looking forward to that.

anyway, once i get down to my set weight, i'll start massively working out. Hmm..where have i heard this before...? i am riding my bike to and from work and that's more than i did the last time i was on a VLCD so goody for me.

And Dexter is OFF. THE. HOOK! i love that there are like 3 story lines going at once. and i really like Brother Sam. i hope he doesn't turn out to be a dexter victim. he came close....


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