Tuesday, October 25, 2011

shit, shit, SHIT!

I'm just not sad anymore which means i'm getting my appetite back. Yesterday i ate a salad, crackers and a pint of ben & jerry's. crap.
to be fair, i took the day off becuase i had two appts so i laid on the couch and watched a marathon of 30 rock and Dog Town...Ben & Jerry's just GOES with shit like that, right?
i had to see my head doctor yesterday and she invited me to bring kody too...(what's with the Kody invites??) Course these are all new invites so they don't really know any better. And when i left my doctor's office, she asked us to go out the back in case there were any patients milling about. She didn't want to scare them. hahahah...at least he didn't poop in her office.
She always ends the appointment with "do you want to hurt yourself?" "No." "do you want to hurt anyone else?" "ummm....nooooo?" You think i'm going to tell you about my fantasy of tying my ex up and slathering his head with Nair and plucking his last remaining ravishingly sexy gray wirey hairs off his chest so you can lock me up? I'm mean i'm crazy; not stupid!"
hhaha...kidding. just made that up for comedic affect. he actually looks good hairless.
What I have been thinking about is how many times that man has thrown me under the bus to save himself and his reputation. And yet this girl he proudly flaunts in front of his friends and family and wears her like a badge of honor. Horrible catholic. Where's the guilt?
See how much better I am?


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