Sunday, November 06, 2011


Janet's little shindig went off well....she had a stack of free drink coupons which i benefited from since she's not the biggest drinker ever.  although i must say, she did pretty well.  hahah...she drinks more when she's the star AND when she's having fun.  We played darts & shuffleboard and eventually ate pizza and was home by midnight.  Heeeey!  look at me!  i thougth i'd be in bed by 7!

While we were at Tallac, this darling familiar looking boy came up to me and said "hey Tanya..."  I hate that.  "hey...yoooou! are you?"  i have no clue.  thank god it was just idle chit chat and we went our separate ways.  I woke up to a text of "you should come over" and a random number.  "hahah...who is this"..."You know who it is!"  "my bookie?? I dno't know"..."it's dustin"  DUSTIN!!!!  OH MYGOD...totally forgot about Dustin.  I brought him home from Tallac one afternoon to hang out MONTHS ago (okay, like 7 so you know).  He was just darling and funny and big and cute but he was highly irritating becuase he was pretty young and THAT'S when I ended up calling janet to come get him becuase there would be no other way to get him out of my house. (i'm well aware of how weird it is to not remember Dustin; but, we never joined "spiritually" and i have to believe that's why.  That or i was drunk)

But now, it's been a while, youth is no longer an obstacle (at least not for a tryst) so I will take him out and tolerate his Dennis-ness (from 30 know Dennis?  the one that calls Liz Dummy all the time? hahahah) to get a little man time.  It's been waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too long.

On a sadder note, Tony our love/hate bartender, and the only bartender to ever kick me OUT of a bar,  probably won't be around much longer.  Cripes! he's only 36! *(or 38?...STILL)  But from what Rich told me friday night he was a VERY heavy daily drinker. Still...I would say his body just wasn't built for alcoholism, unlike germans and irishs.  Still sad and going to be weird.

*sigh..*  and why didn't i get this years ago?

anyway, i have a shit SHIT load of work to do today, state-wise and home-wise so off i go....