Thursday, November 03, 2011

Ko Ko

For a brief moment, on my way home today I think I saw my future.

This fat old lady with long stringy gray hair, no teeth and faded pajamas was standing in her doorway screaming “Po Po!”  I didn’t pay any mind at first; I live downtown – I’m used to crazy people.  “Po Po!!”  What the hell?  Is that for me?  Her imaginary friend?  The bush?  Then I saw Po Po.  A little black Chihuahua with a tan and graying belly, standing there, with his ears half cocked, front leg raised, staring at her and I swear I can hear his thoughts.

“oh hell no…HELL NO!  Look at you!  In your faded Costco jammies that you bought years ago…you know they come out with new styles every year, right?  Get your teeth in woman!  In fact, you gonna have to come get me because I don’t want anyone thinking I came to you willingly!”

Poor Po Po.  Thank God Kody will never experience that…he got the CUTE white trash mommy.