Monday, November 07, 2011

3 posts in one day??

you can tell i'm bored.

so after much thought, I've decided NOT to be Samanta Jones.  I just can't do's not really my style; never has been and i don't think I should start now.  Although, it felt good to consider a 36 year old, this guy is actually the desired (mentally, i mean) 20 years younger.  Dating a younger man is a whole different animal than dating a younger woman.  97% of men don't mature until they're 50ish.  So, this would be the type that would totally call his friend and say "duuude!  i totally saw her nipple!!!" or be happy that i paid for everything without blinking an eye.  If i'm gonna shoot for a 36 year old, he better be a totally responsible millionaire.  and if he happens to be a 26 year old, then he better be a totally responsible billionaire.

All day long for some reason I had one of doug heffernans stupid skits in my head and i kept saying out loud and subconsiously "is this nipple on?"  so I told the boys about that skit.  Carrie was unable to find a job and was depressed so doug was trying to cheer her up and asked her "Would a little Man Boob puppet show help right about now?" and he grabs his boobies and "talks" to her boobies..."Hey!  we were wondering if you and your friend would like to come over to our van and have some beers..."  but looking at Carrie, she was not amused and slightly disgusted so Doug taps his booby and says "Is this nipple on?"


I could get a PhD if they had a degree in remembering sitcom lines.