Friday, November 11, 2011


well I went out with him anyway.  And it was really pretty awesome.  he's a big guy and i LOVE that.  He was extremely complimentary, sweet, funny, passionate, accommodating and made me feel good.

IRONICALLY, he's actually going thru the same thing i am but in the other shoes.  His ex who wants him, doesn't want him, wants him, doesn't want him knew we were going out to lunch yesterday so he got the barrage of texts and phone calls. I've never bothered my ex when he's with his girl; but, I did understand the behavior.  I felt really bad for her becuase i know that pain all too well.

Dustin actually asked me if he should call her back becuase of my comment earlier of "you should never ignore crazy" so i said of course.  I appreciated his sensitivity. 

anyway, he's moving to Santa Rosa next week.  He just called to thank me for yesterday and that he would like to be friends or more than that if I'm interested and i said i would love that.  and being the projector that i am, i would also love to live in santa rosa...hahahah....

giong bowling with jeannie now!  she's going to kick my ass.