Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Dustin left this morning for Santa Rosa and we said our goodbyes.  That was fun and I super-ass thanked him for filling my time, changing my course and making me feel good.  It was nice to have a man around again and even better was I wasn’t attached to him but I did really enjoy his company.  I doubt I'll see him again becuase he's too young and he's too far away.  I'm not in to long-distance liaisons.

We (co-workers on a different subject) played tennis yesterday for 45 minutes and I burned like 175 calories!!! WTF??  I sweated, twisted my ankle, tweaked my back and popped my knee for that?!  Lame-ass sport.   Anyway, I do it for the company and for the fun of it and it’s better than doing nothing for lunch.  Today we run and I’m looking forward to it. 

Jill...I got my earrings and i LOVE them.  thank you!!!
The SPCA had a special over the weekend; all animals could be adopted for $11.11.  The SPCA lost money but they completely sold out of animals.  They had to take in animals from city and county shelters and sold out of those too!!!  As soon as I pay off my yearly timeshare bill, whatever money I have left over, I’m donating to the SPCA.  (well maybe not...i have a bit too much left over...DAMN!  Poor me!)  I'm reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally thinking my next dog is going to be a pit.  I'm starting to heavily fall in love with them.  this is the girl i was interested in; but, she got adopted.  well that and she'd probably kill Kody with love.