Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Love you Janice

Janice got in to town Sunday night and I had to whisk her to Julies for my brothers birthday dinner.  She was a good sport even though she had been up for 20 hours.  And, of course, everyone loved her.  You can't help BUT love Janice.  She's one of those genuine, honest, good-hearted people and I adore her.

My new thing is no drinking during the week but what the hell am i supposed to do when my drinking high school buddy is in town???  She suggested white russians (fuck) since that's her favorite drink.  I was going for the small bottle of kahlua and the pint of vodka but she wanted to get the 5th of both so i'd have some left over for another night.

Um.  no.  there's an inch left of each.  BUT we had an awesome time talking about everything under the sun, in front of the fire, with a few attempts at some games until we crawled in to bed around midnight.

And why i don't drink during the week anymore is becuase i went in at 9, passed out copies of the mega lottery tickets and went home.  I'm a pussy.

Tuesday night, I got all the girls together to meet for dinner.  My brother and Julie came too and it was good because it was my brothers birthday so why not?

It was a good Tuesday night. We left around 8:30 and i was in bed by 9.

Janice just left this morning and i'm sad.  She's awesome company and she will be missed.