Wednesday, January 25, 2012


That was totally fun.  It felt good to get out and do something productive.  To myself, I mean.  After class, Drew and I went off on our own and found some great walls.  And when i say 'great' I mean all grabby rock things have big-ass hooks in them so you can climb the wall like spider man.  The last wall we climbed was like a wall full of nipples. damn near impossible. 

This is Shara attempting Nipple Wall:

and me:

and of course, the original spider man that can actually climb nipples.  must be becuase he's a guy:

I don't have Drew's video because Nick taped it with his camera but to give you a clue, he was like the girls...hahaha...sorry Drew!  Love you anyway! (in his defense, he used to climb yosemite.  it's just been a while)

We're gonna try to do this at least twice a month.  It's acutally pretty expensive if you don't belong to the gym so we have to figure out a way to go without taking out a 2nd.

I finished Homeland yesterday.  That was a really good show and, as usual, Claire Danes was AMAZING!  That chick can frickin' act. She plays a CIA agent who suffers from Bipolar and when her BP is activated by a bombing, it was frighteningly familiar.  I've never been manic like that and although it looks stressful, it looks kinda fun.  I get the debilitating depression which she fucking nailed.  Made me afraid of suicide bombers all over again.  I can't afford another episode like that.  damn near didn't survive the last one.

I aaaaaaaaaaaaalmost sold my hot tub yesterday; but, he texted me last night and had found another one for a thousand dollars cheaper.  Plus he lived in Auburn so i just can't blame him for'll happen.  It will happen.

Gotta pack my bike and head to work and make everyone jealous about how fun the four of us are. hahah....