Sunday, January 08, 2012

Title free since 83

I've been neglecting my dog for too long so Saturday was his day.   Well...he got two hours...don't want to overdo it.  I went to Starbucks (me first) and then drove over to the dog park off Ramona.  We walked around that (not in it because Kody is a prick) and walked around the skateboard park.  I was looking for a path that takes you back in to the land of the lost, which is this weird never-ending park in the middle of the city that looks like people just forgot about, but coudnlt' find a way in.  so we drove all the way to the other end of the park to get in the back way.

This pix is the way in...Kody's standing near a granite rock creek with beautiful gray rocks that looked like they were hauled there.

This is the path that curves around til you get to the open field.  Right here, though the picture does not depict, it is really pretty...there is a grove of trees to the right and the grass around the area is a vibrant green, which kody is hoping to deface.

This is right off that path and overlooking the park.  again, the pix doesn't depict what I'm seeing but the water is off in the distance.  Kody and I are standing on top of a hill.

 and if there is water to be found, Kody will find it.

whatchu lookin at willis? 

I dropped Kody off and headed to the farmers market at the country club.  it was super windy so everyone's tents were blowing around and it was chaotic.  Got the shit i came to get and headed to the mall to get some jeans.  yeah, that's right... I.  went to the mall.  to get some jeans.  and a new purse becuase that shit one i bought at ross was falling apart.  And lastly, Raleys to buy some good food.  i have not done that in ages.  

Oh yeah...before I went to Raley's I went to the 99cent store to buy a cart full of shit for $40.  LOVE that.  (In hindsight, i shouldn't have bought the package of Butterfinger crisps which were supposed to be little treats throughout the week, but, are now gone.)  I remembered i needed a new 2012 calendar for work so i bought this one:  Lately, I've been falling in love with Pitties, thanks to Animal Cops and Pit Bulls & Parolees...someday I might get one but for now my thought is I'll probably just get involved in the rescue and raising awareness for them. 

And since I'm so in love with my co-workers, I bought my work husband this one: 

He'll flip for that.  He's been married to his wife forever but that doesn't stop him from being a perv.  total man.

And so my work brother doens't feel left out, I got him one too:

Oh my god that is so funny.  Total joke as he's a man too but he's a super good sport and loves my humor so he'll laugh and that's all I ever look for. 

Today is chore and adderall day so I should get a shitload done : )  gonna make a german stew and bring some in to i'm gonna get all this shit in on my bike is still a mystery.