Sunday, December 25, 2011


When i was younger and much hotter, i would get approached or asked out by any kind of man.  Tall, short, ugly, fat, old, etc...and i used to ask myself " i just not as pretty as i think i am?"

Now that i'm older and, in my eyes MUCH more unattractive, when i get approached by good looking men (IMO) I have to ask  myself..." i prettier than i think i am?"

So i'm selling my hot tub on craigslist and the guy on the phone sounds cute but i'm highly picky (for whatever reason).  he shows up in a huge 4x4 pickup truck and is frickin gorgeous.  thank GOD i covered my two zit scars before he came...that was all i had.  I tried to be non-chalant like i didn't know he was gorgeous cuz that would have made me nervous. 

When he left I said Oh don't forget your glasses...and he said...get this..."thanks...and like i won't be able to forget those eyes and that smile."..WTF??? Am I prettier than i think i am??  We flirted via text for the next 4 hours but since he's 32 and i already had my tryst with a youngster, i'll nip that one in the bud.

tonight, i went to the liquor store to buy fire logs and my lonely pint of vodka and KiKi (hot, ethnic 30 year old) asked if he could spend his Christmas night with me.  not just once but THREE TIMES!  WTF???  Am i prettier than i think i am?  And mind you...i'm not in my heels, tight jeans and heavy eye liner...i'm in my jammies, clean faced and ponytail.

I need to take a second look at myself...