Wednesday, December 21, 2011


YES!.....there were about 70 people (!!!) at Shayna's baby shower so you had people milling about all over the house, out in the garage and the smokers in the driveway.  Only about 15 people were paying attention to Shay when she was opening her gifts which i was kinda glad since my gift was next...When she opened up the box, she looked confused.  She pulled out the baby whiskey bottle, saw the nipple on it and cracked UP! She passed it to Jason who totally loved it (he's the guy in the pix..ain't he gorgeous???). Dena grabbed it from Jason's hand and called for everyone's attention to her friend that brought the baby a baby whiskey bottle.  I meakly tried to explain my theory of starting them off early so they won't become an alcoholic; but, since i was surrounded by alcoholics it was a hit. CLASSIC!!! i love me!