Saturday, December 17, 2011

Busy Saturday

Today is chore day since last night was Dexter / Homeland night followed by a game of Mexican Train with Julie, Stan and my brother.  I ALMOST won but asshole Stan is ALWAYS the winner.  me no likey...And tomorrow is Shayna's baby shower.  yay.

I pulled my couch out to clean underneath it and remembered that i have a hot mess of an electrical outlet.  I actually changed that thing all by myself.  It's not hard; but, power things totally freak me out.  looks good, eh?

So, for Shayna's shower tomorrow, I bought a cool mirror that sticks in the back seat so you can see your baby when you're driving, some cute little boy hats, diapers and a funny card that will depict the next 5 years of her life.

Of course my gag gift is an ounce of whiskey with a nipple which will be followed by the statement of "I heard if you start them off early, they won't become an alcoholic later on in life..."  Those that know me will find this very funny...those that don't, will find the usual, though undeserved,  inappropriateness of my humor.