Monday, January 02, 2012

So far...2012 is the best!

Ha ha...see?  trying to remain positive.

My goals for January (and only one month at a time since doing it forever disheartens me) is no drinking, no calling in sick, riding my bike every work day, walking kody 5x's a week, yoga & mediation daily, weights twice a week, two meetups this month and only 2 hours or less of TV a day.

Wow. that sounds really great.  And i'm FULLY committed.  It's the one thing I'm going to make myself do is stick to what I commit to.  And it's just for 30 days.  and maybe it'll just be for January and i'll go back to my old sucky self in February.  Who knows?  All i know is I'm doing this for January.

I watched FIVE hours of the swedish trilogy of the girl who does everything (kicks hornets nests, gets tattoos and loves fire) and it was amazing (12/31, by the way).  5 hours of subtitles made me a little loopy but well worth it.

Today, i just cleaned the SHIT out of everything.  my house looks amazing.  and now i'm next!