Thursday, January 26, 2012

Offsite Day!

What does that mean, you ask?  It means a morning of doing all I want at a pace a turtle would love.  Full pot of coffee, a run, Yoga, Kody's park walk, shower AND time to do my hair and then a pretty stress-free drive in...AND it's Thursday??  Life barely gets better than this.

I have the most awesomest therapist that i've pretty much ever had.  and i've had a barrel full.  She's about my age, roundish face that looks about 16, medium-length non-descript brown hair and thin horn-rimmed glasses.  when i very first came in to see her, my last line on my intake form was "...i don't know but at 45 years old, i'm pretty much sick of this shit...(oh.  i hope i can swear)"  To that she replied "oh thank god because i love to swear too!"  of course, a better response would have been "fuck yeah!" but that comes later.  Like yesterday later.

she wants me to occupy my mind more since it tends to need adrenaline in some form and when it doesn't get it, it resorts to familiar patterns. (God...see?  as brilliant as I am, I didn't think of that??)  well, I'm sure i've been told this before; but, i like her delivery.  so...she wants me to enroll in some kinda of class like a class on medival times (hahah...hell no but she's trying) it could be engaging to me to learn about another era and discuss it with others.  I thought about it and said "yes you're so right..I really do need to do something.  I was just thinking this morning how I would love to do a comedy show but that's just pretty scary to me.  I'm not sure I could take it if i heard crickets!" and she looked at me for about ten seconds and she said "I'm trying to just get you to start a simple healthier pattern and you have to go right to the extreme of being a comedian on STAGE!  Fuck that!  FUCK that...FUCK THAT!" 

It's funnier to tell it in person.  I think i'll add this to my show.

I'm going to ask my co-workers if any one of them will give me $20 to interrupt our next staff meeting announcing that i have to take a shit.  I hope i can do it with a straight face.  or without getting written up.

Just trying to expand my world...