Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sundays and Tidbits

They'd be my favorite day if it wasn't preceding a work day. 

I just cleaned the shit out of my house and car.  Did laundry, packed my bike, scrubbed the bathroom and kitchen and now i'm going to tackle a little of the back yard.  And i do it all sober now.  Change is good. 

i did my taxes last week too and for the first time as a homeowner (WTF?) i'm getting a significant amount of money back.  I wonder if i've done my taxes wrong the last decade?  or did i do them wrong this year?  No's kinda hard to fuck up Turbo Tax really. 

I'm starting my SPCA volunteer thingie up again too.  I have to attend the orientation next saturday.  I asked her if i could start a new type of volunteer since i hate walking dogs.  i barely like walking Kody but i have to becuase he's old and if i don't he'll die like way earlier.  So i asked if, when i run errands, can i come by and pick up a dog to take with me.  I can't take Kody in teh car anymore becuase he shits everytime.  ever try to get poop out of leather stitching?  not fun.
A bunch of us at work bought paintball tickets.  that'll be our next outing as a group.  We were going to start a Picasa photo album called S.H.I.T.  State Hospital IT dept.  That is no joke.  that is what we are now called in the reorg. hahahahha....

I lost my lint mitt and if you've ever used a lint mitt, nothing else will suffice.  They're no longer at target so i'll have to find one on line. 

I'm having surgery on my left foot the 17th and all I can think about is can i get a temporary handicap sticker.  i WILL work that angle since i have to have surgery on the right foot shortly thereafter.  and unlike everyone else that has one of those stickers, i'll actually need mine.

i had a dream about my ex last night.  it was veeeeeeeeeeeeeeery extensive but i'll just mention the weird part.  I moved in to this huge house and my bedroom was as large as my house.  I was setting up my bed when sheila came in with a safe box.  It was Kevin's and when she opened it, it had compartments of all his old girlfriends (it wasn't very big)  the only name i remember was mine and some girl named Ima or Ira.  Hers had a purple gem stone on it.  When i opened mine, i had two rings in it and they were both huge.  I remember thinking 'man..he really loved me!' That or because i was materialistic.  He came in later and we hugged for a really long time.  I remember thinking this time i will never let go.  : (   That's about as likely to happen as me hanging out with Jesus in the second coming.

Dreams can really affect my mood the next day so today i'm slightly melancholy.  but I'm listening to the comedy channel on my netflix via Pandora while i clean and that's helping.  back to : )