Tuesday, November 06, 2007


I've decided to remove comments because I feel bad when I don't respond to those that comment and then I feel like a greedy unimportant child when I don't get many. I know...but I AM getting better :)

So now I blog as sort of a diary for myself and if I never get a visit again, that's okay. I just want to write...and when i want to write. As you know, blogging can become cumbersome.

I've been blogging for a few years now and how many diets have I been on? at LEAST 10. The last one being Weight Watcher Point system. Well that was too much work. I hate counting and i hate being responsible for ensuring i don't go over my measly 20 points. Now i'm on a low carb diet and I swear...i HAVE to stay on this fucker until i lose all my weight because i am going to be 42 in 3 months and i'm sick of ringing in each year with a ring around my pant line.

So, yesterday i got up at 5:30, had my coffee, loved my Kody and then went to the gym. Now THAT i really loved...I had planned on visiting the steam room but I forgot a towel (no friggin way i'm walking anywhere in public without a towel to hide my hideous lower half) and i forgot to shave my legs. So i headed to the dry sauna, fully clothed, and meditated for 5 minutes in there. what a great way to start your day.

Today i walked Kody for 45 minutes and tomorrow it's back to the gym.

With a towel and shaved legs.