Sunday, February 05, 2012

Ho Hum Weekend

Played cards with Janet Friday night and polished off a bottle of cheap wine waiting for someone from Lodi to come and look at my spa. Course he never showed up. HATE selling shit on craigslist...If i'm not worried about being killed then i'm staying home waiting for nothing! Course I guess that's better than the former.

I paid a much bigger price than the wine with the headache the next day. BUT, you'll be happy to know, i'm almost all caught up on my Animal Cops. I actually teared up a few times on some of the shows yesterday. i don't cry anymore becuase my heart has calluses but a few of the cases were very very sad. one dog, small chihuahua/terrier mix, started to get mange and the owners ddin't want her anymore so they just left her outside on the front porce which was about a 5 x 5 pad. she didn't move and just waited to be let back in but they never bothered with her again. by the time the SPCA got there she was just one big scab. I cried becuase you can't explain to her that people suck. she has no idea why they just ignored her and left her out there to die. and she didn't want to leave her stoop when the cops came to get her. which was also why i cried. SHE remained loyal to the end; but, her owners did not. fucking hate people. AAAAAAAAAAAAAnyway, another organization took on her case and got her treated and now she lives with a full family, has to wear sweaters cuz she has no hair yet and she seemed very happy. that's why i love that show...the happy endings make my hair stand up. : )

Going to Kellys today for the game. don't really care about the game but i do hope the Patriots win for the sake of my friends back east : ) And I'm hoping Melina shows up...LOVE that girl.