Monday, February 13, 2012

Temporarily Disabled

got my placard today and I feel rich.  My doctor looked at me over her glasses when I asked her to sign the DMV paperwork and said "Um...i don't think you'll be needing this but okay."  HA!  I can even manipulate the highest of degreed people!

Ha ha ha...actually i'm not a manipulator.  If anything, I'm TOO honest.  I like to trust that the people I talk to see what i'm saying withOUT having to manipulate them.  which i suck at anyway.
And, i'm not really sure if i will need it or not; but, I've never had foot surgery so why take a chance?  but i will TRY to only use it when i need it.

I make myself laugh.

I signed up for my first improv class and this was before they made a joke about people who sign up for improv classes on 30 Rock.  You mean i'm a queer??  Who knew!  Anyway, I don't care judgemental 30 rock writers, this might just be my fluffernutter ride to the top!

Jeannie asked me over for dinner this weekend and I told her i couldn't thursday becuase that's my birthday night out with co-workers and friends, can't friday night that's dinner at my brothers and can't on saturday night becuase that's a play with dena.  i got exhausted explaining that!  Three solid plans and none i can flake on.  again...exhausted.  But that's okay becuase that makes up for yesterday where i was SO bored, i actually logged on to work and did some patching shit.  I was supposed to do a meetup but i just was NOT in the mood to put on makeup, do my hair and actually get dressed. 

Plus it was smack dab in the middle of the red zone.  Not quite ready for an unintentional ambush.